The Lacquer Chest was established in the early 1950’s and
taken over in 1959 by Vivian and Gretchen Andersen.
We sold things that many shops neglected to see the charm or
importance in.
Among our early customers were Terence Conran ( pre Habitat)
the student Hockney, Ossie Clarke,Alan Bennet,Lee
Miller,Donald Sutherland,Julie Christie,Jean Shrimpton…
Vivian mades some amazing finds in those days including two
Charles Rennie MacIntosh clocks,and a painted dressing table
by Burgess which was used for the poster of his show in the
Royal Academy in the 1970’s.
We still sell to customers we made decades ago as well their
children and grandchildren.
The Hire department , established in the early 60’s has propped
hundreds of cookery books, food pictures and for many films
and television series ,it has introduced us to people with a
different artistic perspective and opened our eyes to another